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I facilitate a feminine-centered journey for women and men —
a way, a path for women and men to
 achieve wellness and love for their bodies, for each other and the Earth.
The feminine-centered way is sensual. It is intimate and is a renewal of love and closeness for self,
for the sensual body, for everyone and everything.

the yoga of radiance


A 7-week course in ancient tantric yoga and meditation practices from the kundalini yoga lineage of Yogi Bhajan - practices that have empowered and transformed people for thousands of years.

Chakras are our energy systems and in order for us to live a healthy balanced life we need them to be balanced. It is as simple as that! 

next Chakra Yoga course begins March 25! 


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I focus on the profound transformational qualities of yoga, feminine-centered somatic movement, creativity and play to reconnect to our nature and to others. We can plug in again and remember to do this over and over. We can feel our joy, our creativity, and the joy of others. We can create life and lifeserving projects! We can grieve and celebrate the passages of love and life with an open heart. We can get quiet and tune into ourselves, loving ourselves well and wholly.

I simply provide the tools and guide you to your own beautiful soul, your natural home.

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