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mother, are you ok?

 mother earth.jpg

In November 2016, in Wellington, New Zealand, we were shaken by a significant earthquake I think just before midnight on the 14th. It shook me awake. The first thought that popped into my head was, “Mother Earth, are you ok?”

The next day and the many days following, perhaps for a few weeks, I found myself in the evenings sitting cross-legged on my rug, palms together, singing a song for our Mother. I would sing it over and over, mesmerised by the sounds as they washed over...

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what does peace look like?


Footsteps alight a bracken ground.
A dog chasing in circles where leaves whirl;
and the boy whistling him in.
Ebony eyes blinking blink slowly slow.
White lilies frame her there.
Shhhhh now mama, I’m almost here
and the goldie fairies have come too.
A bare-bottomed boy giggling in a stream.

A teacher says teach me.
The students say:
Round windows.
Cushions for chairs.
Plants everywhere
and dirt in our hair.
Let’s do dreamwork.
Let’s do ceremony.
Francis kissed a boy;...

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Thyroid, brain, ears, nose and throat health!

A simple chant and a mudra can do all that - care for optimum functioning of the thyroid, the brain, ears, nose and throat! And, boosts our energy levels too. Conversely, at the end of a trying day in your life, practicing the following meditation restores your energy and prepares you for sleep. An oxymoron, but there you go.

So how does this meditation help the thyroid, ears, nose and throat? Chanting Ong creates a vibration in the throat, stimulating the thyroid. It also vibrates the face,...

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peri-menopause & menopause - a metamorphosis


As I write this on Valentine’s Day 2019, I count down to my 47th birthday in March. It’s not that I’ve chosen Valentine’s Day to write about perimenopause and yoga, it’s that I have time tonight to write! If there is a link it is an unconscious one. Let’s see what shows up as I write.

It is just over a year ago that the perimenopause began its’ metamorphic journey in my body, in my bodies. For when I think about my body, I feel multiple bodies -...

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my new yoga brand, new beginnings


I’ve always admired Madonna. She has re-invented herself many times over her career and I assume so to keep her fans intrigued and to inspire new fans. I assume so also because she changes and her relationship with music changes.

And that’s where I’m at. Over the decade plus years I’ve been teaching yoga, my relationship with yoga has changed. I wanted to say evolved but who is to say if that’s true?! Students who have known me all this time have seen the...

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so, what the heck is the style of yoga i teach anyway?


People ask you what you do right? So I say I teach yoga (I do other things too but let’s stick with yoga). Invariably the next question is, which yoga?

I’ve never found an easy answer or an answer that is faithful to the multitude of approaches and outcomes I and students experience. For over a decade now of teaching yoga my teaching has evolved.

So if I were to answer that question now my answer would be this: I teach to the whole person individually or to a class in the yoga...

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my love story with yoga


It didn’t begin with love. In fact, it nauseated me and there was a long separation, like, for about ten years. Ten years!

The nausea was real. It was physical. It was emotional. And this isn’t just my story. Uncontrollable shaking, uncontrollable sobbing, flashes of anger. And the shame and embarrassment of feeling those things in a room full of strangers. These are just some of the things people I know experienced in their first yoga class. And those people didn’t go back....

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