so, what the heck is the style of yoga i teach anyway?


People ask you what you do right? So I say I teach yoga (I do other things too but let’s stick with yoga). Invariably the next question is, which yoga?

I’ve never found an easy answer or an answer that is faithful to the multitude of approaches and outcomes I and students experience. For over a decade now of teaching yoga my teaching has evolved.

So if I were to answer that question now my answer would be this: I teach to the whole person individually or to a class in the yoga approach that is faithful to their need.

This could look like:

  • repetitive micro-to macro-movement with synchronised breath to re-train a tense body into a relaxed one
  • long restorative shapes supported by props to activate the relax and heal response in an injured or ill body
  • massage! self, your partner or the person next to you
  • expansive shapes to open and restore the reproductive system and adrenal pathways to enhance fertility possibilities
  • creativity and fun partner and group yoga and activities to trigger the relax response and happiness hormones
  • meditation for an embodied peace experience
  • and not least, traditional yoga shapes and some with a twist (ooooh mysterious) and dynamic repetitive movement with synchronised breath to build strength, stamina and the encouragement of the kundalini energy to flow through the subtle energy pathways.

No class is ever the same. Intuition, creativity and professional skill combine so that each class endeavours to meet you appropriately in the outcomes we wish to achieve together.

What element in a yoga class makes you feel more connected to your body and mind?

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