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I’ve always admired Madonna. She has re-invented herself many times over her career and I assume so to keep her fans intrigued and to inspire new fans. I assume so also because she changes and her relationship with music changes.

And that’s where I’m at. Over the decade plus years I’ve been teaching yoga, my relationship with yoga has changed. I wanted to say evolved but who is to say if that’s true?! Students who have known me all this time have seen the changes, how I present as a teacher and the material I share.

I’m now at a place where my teaching is more grounded in who I am and grounded in terms of geographical place, for I’ve been moving around from country to country all these years.

Now that I’m grounded in one place in Wellington, New Zealand, community and the support and joy it brings is a value I treasure. My teaching approach reflects this. It also reflects fluidity within the groundedness, which translates in forms of yoga we explore and in the new logo design (see bullets below). I wanted all of this to be captured in a new brand and I wanted to step out into the community of people around me and say, this is what I offer, and be very clear about it.

Enlisting a brand and marketing strategist, Mun Bau (Melbourne based), a logo designer, Hui Ng Evans (Bali based), a website designer, Silvia Dominguez (Florida based), and my amazing photographer, Jess Chubbs (Wellington based) I had an amazing posse of talented women to help my brand come alive. I think they’re all fab. So here we are. A new logo that symbolises all that I ‘evolved’ into. Let’s break it down, for it’s really beautiful and it inspires community co-created by us!

 Rachael Lowe Yoga logo

  • The graphic mark of the logo is an organic and fluid form representing the continuity of love and support. It is made up of two connecting curves.
    The upper curve represents a willow tree which bends without breaking. It symbolises growth, strength and an adaptability to life. It also symbolises a gathering place of community beneath its vast foliage, communing in peace and joy.
    The lower curve represents a flowing stream of pure water which nurtures all lives and nurtures the willow tree and community.
  • The curves also symbolise a restful baby pose and a rejuvenating corpse pose in yoga, and additionally symbolises a yoga practice of practicing together, connected through supportive touch and communing in circle.
  • The graduated tones of the graphic mark portrays an exchange of ideas and knowledge, the interwoven care and support within Rachael Lowe Yoga, as teacher, student, community.
  • The logotype resembles freestyle writing. It portrays the community as open, friendly and free-spirited.
  • Overall, the logo presents Rachael Lowe Yoga as an inspiring and joyful yoga community where one can grow physically and spiritually by connecting with like-minded people.

An evolved brand that reflects my path. How have you evolved over the years and how do you see it reflected in your life?

Comment below.

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