peri-menopause & menopause - a metamorphosis


As I write this on Valentine’s Day 2019, I count down to my 47th birthday in March. It’s not that I’ve chosen Valentine’s Day to write about perimenopause and yoga, it’s that I have time tonight to write! If there is a link it is an unconscious one. Let’s see what shows up as I write.

It is just over a year ago that the perimenopause began its’ metamorphic journey in my body, in my bodies. For when I think about my body, I feel multiple bodies - clearly a physical one, a mental body, an emotional body, and a spiritual body. Other bodies too, but I don’t wish to overwhelm you with technicalities (it’s when I get into the three mind bodies that I might lose you :)

Given my list of multiple bodies I ask myself how can one of my bodies at any time during this metamorphic journey support me? This is the approach I take with yoga for a perimenopausal woman. It is also the same approach for a women who has moved into the transition into menopause.

I could talk about my own journey into perimenopause but that would deny the wide range of experiences that women have. My journey will not be the same as any other.

So instead, and more useful I think, is a unique perspective I have on a multiple body support system that I guide women into. A home practice is developed through the course, and it’s not an arduous practice. It can be so surprising what three minutes of a breathing technique will do for you. So don’t panic! Three minutes is manageable right, if time is a challenge? And if you’ve more time now and then or recognise that one of your bodies needs supporting, bolting on a few more practices that will support you on that day is really great. I help you identify the practices in the course and you can mix and match to meet your needs on any given day.

How great is that?

Yoga is a wonderfully supportive practice for the perimenopause and the menopause and allows us also to remember that like anything else such as homeopathic support, acupuncture support, hormonal replacement support and others, yoga is not a panacea. But it just so happens that the perimenopause and menopause visits us naturally in our middle years (if not medically induced) and we see and feel the signs of aging. Motion is lotion right? So a yoga practice is also just really sound sense for the physical, mental and emotional bodies to limber up at this time in our lives. And then yoga practices for perimenopause and menopause support too... well, I think we’re onto something.

So I wrote this on Valentine’s Day and now that I’ve chatted here with you do we see evidence of love or romance? I think so! A yoga practice is a self-love practice. So come on and romance yourself. Yoga is waiting for you......

What other ways do you romance yourself for your sense of upliftment?

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