what does peace look like?


Footsteps alight a bracken ground.
A dog chasing in circles where leaves whirl;
and the boy whistling him in.
Ebony eyes blinking blink slowly slow.
White lilies frame her there.
Shhhhh now mama, I’m almost here
and the goldie fairies have come too.
A bare-bottomed boy giggling in a stream.

A teacher says teach me.
The students say:
Round windows.
Cushions for chairs.
Plants everywhere
and dirt in our hair.
Let’s do dreamwork.
Let’s do ceremony.
Francis kissed a boy;
let’s talk about that!
Be kind. Be real.
Sit with us;
tell us about you.
We know things too.
Ask us.

A child’s laugh like leaves bouncing in rain.
A bare-bottomed boy giggling in a stream.

We’ve sown wild flower seeds where cracks used to be.
We’ve embedded very red things around every tree; we call it Love.
When you want to shout, we touch our fingers to our lips.
When you want to kill, we sing almighty.
Sculptures of female creatures birthing new life.
Placenta art in every home. (whisper)
We think treetops are the most silent thing we know.
(louder now). Throngs of human beings, we!
A National Day of War
for A National Day
of Very Beautiful
and All the Children.
(see above)

A bare-bottomed boy giggling in a stream,
like leaves bouncing in rain.

Did you turn on the morning light mama?
I’m not ready for it to see me yet.
Tiny toot said yesterday that the hekedees
that live on the morning light fix broken hearts.
Can I take you there mama?

Late snowflakes on twilight-crowned hair.
A gathering before the setting sun; the dog
and the girl, breathing in.

A bare-bottomed boy,



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