Thyroid, brain, ears, nose and throat health!

A simple chant and a mudra can do all that - care for optimum functioning of the thyroid, the brain, ears, nose and throat! And, boosts our energy levels too. Conversely, at the end of a trying day in your life, practicing the following meditation restores your energy and prepares you for sleep. An oxymoron, but there you go.

So how does this meditation help the thyroid, ears, nose and throat? Chanting Ong creates a vibration in the throat, stimulating the thyroid. It also vibrates the face, the passageways connecting the ears, nose and throat. Because the vibrations of this mantra are felt in the head area, the brain receives a massage. It relieves 'brain drain'. It balances the effective computer that we call the brain.

Many women experience brain fatigue in their menopausal transition. This meditation is a wonderful antidote to brain drain if practiced regularly. Even in one sitting you will be rewarded with the benefits, but ongoing practice trains the body and the brain to respond more efficiently to the benefits of the meditation.

'Ong' is the active principle of 'Om'. Ong accesses the unlimited and unmanifest potential of the universal creative energy and manifests it through us as it's antennae, providing us a beautiful source of vital energy that powers everything. The mudra (hand position) emphasises the channeling of the vital energy with the sun fingers (the ring fingers) projecting from the hand and projecting from the heart. It is in the heart that our electromagnetic energy is the strongest pool of energy in the body. it is from the heart, channeled through the mudra that we can project the Ong, the source of universal vital energy into our lives.

Instructions on how to practice this meditation are in the video.

I look forward to hearing how your practice goes and progresses.

Do you have other tips that you do that help to revive your energy?

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