I worked in international aid for
6 years in Cambodia and a year in
Australia for an 
Indonesian project.
Working closely with Cambodian non
governmental organisations and
Government I’ve seen first-hand
how or if money goes where it
is really needed.



This desire to see the world as a better place, particularly for women, will never leave me. Hence, 8% of my income from my yoga teaching is pledged to an initiative started up by Nadia Murad, Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2018, and advocate for Yazidi rights and justice in Iraq after a genocide that began in 2014. I am in personal touch with the team and trust that the money flows to where it is needed.

Find out more about Nadia’s Initiative here and donate yourself too if you feel inspired.


PS. This blanket I wear wrapped around my body in this pic on this page was handmade and embroidered and gifted to me by Ethiopian women of Arba Minch in the Rift Valley in Ethiopia. A community of women came together to create this gift in thanks to me gifting them with the care and medical help of a young girl in the village. Community caring beyond the boundaries of language, race, religion, this blanket honours these women and honours community.