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Date Night Yoga Massage for Couples



A magical night for couples wanting to connect and support each other, spending quality time breathing together, stretching and massaging each other, and connecting meaningfully. Enjoy a memorable experience that takes you to new heights and rekindles loving connection. Welcomes gender diversity.
















date & time

November 2, 2019

Saturday 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
$22 per person



The Yoga Center for Higher Self
The Yoga Centre for Higher Self Level 1
1 Marion Street, Te Aro
Wellington, New Zealand
Phone: 027 831 7063


the teacher

Rachael is a playwright,
poet, yoga teacher,
and wellness 
with doTERRA. 
She has
practiced yoga 
1999 and has taught

yoga since 2007.







Rachael's style is influenced by multiple yogic disciplines. Yoga, tender movement, touch, creativity, and play are tools Rachael facilitates in her work with you. She advocates too that there is no shying away from sexy in partner yoga. Intimacy and connection IS yoga.

how yoga massage for couples is different

"Traditional" yoga is an individual practice, but this new yoga is a way to expand our hearts and minds to include another person.

If in the "old" yoga we withdrew within ourselves to find the inner joy discussed in the yoga scriptures, in this new yoga we learn that happiness is within but it is also all around us. Expansion is freeing.

This is where tantra comes into the picture. In tantra we learn to see our partner (and eventually everyone) as the God or the Goddess. We worship them with our body, each one of our senses, and with our mind.

Life is relationship, and those who have mastered the art of communication have mastered life. In  yoga massage for couples we learn to communicate in non-verbal ways (we communicate verbally too) through which we can many times over connect on deeper and more profound levels.

As we experience our partner's touch we learn how to touch them. As we watch them listening and responding to our sensations, we learn to listen and act in response to theirs.

Yoga massage for couples is relationship in action - relating on all levels.


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  • Rachael Lowe Yoga

    “My partner and I had such a great evening at Date Night Yoga & Massage for Couples with Rachael. She facilitated a beautiful class and a loving open safe space to share with all who were there. My partner had no previous experience with yoga and was still able to enjoy the class as it was accessible for all levels. We are very keen to take another class again! Thank you Rachael! ”

  • Rachael Lowe Yoga

    “Her classes embody peace.”

  • Rachael Lowe Yoga

    “As it was Alan's first time trying anything like that I was pleased he found the courage to step outside his comfort zone. We had fun and discovered a couple of muscles we mustn't use daily. We both had a relaxing, sometimes humorous class and enjoyed it very much. Thanks so much and I would definitely recommend your class to other couples who want to connect in a deeper more spiritual way”

  • Rachael Lowe Yoga

    “After yoga with Rachael I felt as if I had created my own heaven!”


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